When will the tour take place?

The tour will take place from 25 September until 2 October 2019.

How can I participate in the tour as a startup?

Selection of startups for the tour is done by the AHKs. If you are a startup please refer to your local AHK for further information. There might be a mandatory pitching contest in your country prior to the tour. If you are selected, your local AHK will register you for the tour.

How can AHKs register for the tour and what is the booking process for hotel rooms?

AHKs have to book slots in the tour until 04 July 2019 by filling out the registration form and sending it via email to the IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria startup team. On the form you can indicate the requested number of participants as well as your preferences for the hotel rooms. Slots in the tour are distributed according to the principle First Come - First Serve. Shortly after 04 July 2019 the AHKs will receive a confirmation email from us with further instructions regarding the hotels. Due to our contracts with the hotels which are affected by heavy traffic because of the Oktoberfest, rooms have to be booked immediately after the registration deadline.

What happens after 04 July 2019?

The AHKs have to provide CCI Munich organizational team with the name of the participating startups as well as the participating persons until 31 July 2019. In addition, all startups have to give CCI Munich information on their company via an online tool (same deadline: 31 July 2019). You will receive further information in due time. For those startups which want to pitch and/or exhibit at the Bits & Pretzels a second registration process with the Bits & Pretzels team is obligatory. Further information will follow.

What are the costs for startups?

The total costs for startups consist of hotel costs, the ticket price for the Bits & Pretzels, flight tickets and personal expenses. CCI Munich and Upper Bavaria pays for all meals (lunch and dinner) until 27 September, bus transfers until 28 September and the city tour on 28 September. For the Bits & Pretzels lunch is included in the ticket price. Breakfast is included in the hotel charges.

Hotel costs for startups range from 683 EUR per person (7 nights in a double room) to 1,121 EUR per person (7 nights in a single room). The Bits & Pretzels ticket for startups costs 360 EUR per person.

Hotels from 25.9. to 28.9. (select one hotel):

IHK Akademie Westerham
Due to capacity restrictions (time of the Oktoberfest), room availability at IHK Akademie Westerham is 6 double rooms and 18 single rooms. Prices range from 225 EUR per person (three nights in a double room) to 285 EUR per person (three nights in a single room). Breakfast is included in the room charge.

B&O Parkhotel Bad Aibling
At the B&O Parkhotel Bad Aibling room availability is 10 single rooms. The price per person is 348 EUR (three nights in a single room). Breakfast is included in the room charge.

Hotel from 28.9. to 2.10.:

H2Hotel Messe München
At the H2Hotel Messe München, room availability is 20 single rooms and 10 double rooms. Prices range from 458 EUR per person (four nights in a double room) to 836 EUR per person (four nights in a single room). Breakfast is included in the room charge.

Please keep in mind that the hotel rooms have to be booked for the whole period of the tour. It is not possible to book hotels for only a part of the tour.

Bits & Pretzels tickets:

The ticket price per person for startups attending the Bits & Pretzels is 360€ for all three days of the event. The regular price would be 480€ (early stage startups - visitor), 590€ (later stage startups - visitor) or 1,400€ (startups - exhibitor). Bits & Pretzels gives the ten best startups of the Start.up! Germany Tour the opportunity to exhibit their company and product for one day, depending on prior selection by the Bits & Pretzels team. In addition, the Bits&Pretzels team will select startups from the tour who can participate in the pitch contest of the event - in front of a crowd numbering several hundred people.

What are the costs for AHKs?

The costs for startups also apply to the AHKs, except for the Bits & Pretzels ticket price. Please have a look at the question above.

The ticket price for AHKs attending the Bits & Pretzels is 480€ per person for all three days of the event. The regular price would be 2,970€ (corporate ticket).

Please keep in mind that the hotel rooms have to be booked for the whole period of the tour. It is not possible to book hotels for only a part of the tour.

How are hotel rooms distributed?

On the basis of registrations we will assign the hotel rooms. In the process we will give priority to AHKs for single rooms and to startups for double rooms. Otherwise, the principle for the distribution of hotel rooms is First Come - First Serve.

Please keep in mind that all available double rooms have to be occupied by two persons as there is only a limited number of hotel rooms available. If you register a single person for a double room you will have to coordinate with another AHK in the subsequent hotel room booking. We will inform you accordingly.

What is the Bits & Pretzels?

The main event of our Startup Germany Tour 2019 to Munich is the Bits & Pretzels, Europe´s biggest startup festival. It takes place from 29 September to 1 October and it is an integral part of our tour. You can find more information here or on the Bits & Pretzels website.

Is attending the Bits & Pretzels mandatory?

Attending the Bits & Pretzels is mandatory for the startups and optional for AHKs. However, AHK representatives who do not want to attend the Bits & Pretzels still have to stay in the H2 Hotel until the end of tour. This is necessary as hotel prices for all participants depend on capacity usage.

Why is the Bits & Pretzels also interesting for AHKs?

With around 5,000 attendees, the Bits & Pretzels attracts many startups from all over Germany and also the big corporate accounts from Munich and Bavaria. As for startups, it is a great networking opportunity for AHKs, with potential new clients and sponsors around. In addition, we will set up a small networking area where AHKs can counsel interested participants on a predefined schedule (AHK Foreign Markets Counseling Corner).

How many persons from startups and AHK representatives can participate in the tour?

The maximum number of persons from startups is four per AHK. Per startup, a maximum of two persons can participate. The maximum number of AHK representatives is one per AHK.

The total capacity of our tour is 40 persons, including a maximum of 10 AHK representatives. For each country, AHK representatives always have to be accompanied by at least one person from startups. Startups can participate in the tour without AHK representatives at their side.

What are the requirements for startups to be able to participate in the Start.up! Germany Tour?

Your startup has to be beyond the seed stage and in the market testing phase. The successfull accomplishment of first investor rounds is beneficial in order to be able to participate on the tour. Furthermore, you must have developed a scalable business model with an international approach and a clear focus on the German market/customers.

What is the language spoken during the tour?

The language spoken during the tour is English.