With 1.5 million inhabitants the Bavarian capital Munich is the third largest and most livable city in Germany. It offers a broad variety of leisure activities including famous museums, art galleries, theatres and restaurants. One distinct highlight is the Oktoberfest which attracts more than 6 million visitors every year. For those who enjoy outdoor activities the vicinity to the Alps and several lakes is a major asset.

Besides the great cultural offer, the Munich Metropolitan Area is one of the most successful economic areas in Europe and holds exceptionally great opportunities for startups. Ten of Germany’s 30 major public companies are headquartered in Munich in addition to leading research institutes which are spread across the city. Besides, 45 venture capital investors from different sectors permanently screen the startup community and include companies like Holtzbrinck and Target. Home to two of the best universities in Germany (LMU and TUM), Munich also offers highly qualified specialists with innovative and creative ideas. Furthermore, extensive networks and accelerators connect startups with universities and established companies spawning a unique startup culture. According to a recent study, Munich is the fourth biggest VC hotspot in Europe with an ecosystem valued at $4.5bn.