Feel the pulse of the German startup ecosystem - this year digitally

From October 25th - 30th, 2020, a selected group of brave, enthusiastic and like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world will have the opportunity to explore digitally and visually some of Germany’s most promising hotspots for both startups and “old economy”. The digital “Ruhr Summit” will be the main event of this tour where you also have the possibility to connect to peers and talents; understand what drives the German startup scene; get a grasp of current developments in the market and most importantly: match your startup with companies, partners and investors.


The insurance industry is ripe for innovation and disruption: Modern technologies have found their way into the insurance sector, and investment in InsurTech startups has soared in recent years. Whether it’s developing new insurance models or using data from smartphone apps and wearables to dynamically price premiums according to observed behavior - opportunities for startups are boundless.

Smart City

The city of tomorrow is a city characterized by the collection and use of data to manage the demands of its citizens efficiently. From traffic monitoring and power generation, to water and waste networks and to schools and hospitals, this is our most diverse vertical.

Logistics & Mobility

For centuries increasing mobility and logistic capabilities have allowed us to travel further and organize the transportation of goods more efficiently. And the possibilities are far from exhausted – there is always another new idea that allows startups to improve the way we move people and things.