“The program had a lot of networking opportunities (which were pleasant even for those who don’t like networking) and it opened a lot of doors for us. I was surprised by the diversity of nations participating the program. As a result of a pitch at the Tenglemann campus I spent 3 months at Starbuzz - a logistics and retail acceleration program in Mülheim. Its main benefit is that it opens doors to big companies from the region. It helped me a lot to gather more details about the market potential and needs and determine ways of entering the German market. Also, I have met a lot of great mentors and others while I was there.”

— Jakub Eliáš

"I am very glad, that I joined the Start.up! Germany trip last year. It gave me a very interesting insight in the German market and I had the chance to meet different German companies - large corporations as well as hidden champions. The exchange with the startups from all over the world gave me new insights and further knowledge. For Shoplitics the trip was very successful and we met new clients and partners in Germany. I can recommend this trip for any Chinese startup to participate.”

— Monica Xu
Co-Founder Shoplitics International Co.,Ltd.

"I picked many things that I can bring to Kenya, so many ideas that can be replicated here. We met potential partners from around the world, potential investors for our innovation and many new friends. This was a trip of a life time to me, it will stay with me forever, it marked a new era of innovation in my own life and an understanding of globalization."

— Peter Mwangi
Mega Gas