Start.up! Germany Tour 2019 (NRW)

„The Startup Germany Tour is the highlight of the year from a startup perspective. Within only a few days, founders from all around the world are introduced to potential partners and interesting contact points in Germany. Besides the highly professional organization by DIHK and IHK Dortmund, it is also lots of fun and allows to get to know international young entrepreneurs.“ (Charme Rykower, AHK Israel)

“As of the first trip of AHK Iran to NRW, we especially enjoyed the well-organized  program of IHK and DIHK which brought us the opportunity of having valuable meetings. Besides, experience of being among an international group of motivated talented people multiplied our hope and energy to try harder and cope with obstacles. Eagerly waiting for next year.” (Hossein Sarafraz, AHK Iran)

„Be part of the Startup Germany for Clinkky was an incredible experience. In one week we could know the entrepreneur ecosystem in the Ruhr region & the Rhineland, companies, managers, and Chamber of Commerce authorities. At the same time be part of the pitch competition knowing 55 startups from different countries. Visit the Ruhr Summit 2019 to know local startups. The organization was the highlighted item we appreciate and feel thankful to Dominik and Nick. Great effort to handle more than 120 people at the same time.“ (Marcelo Mundell, Clinkky (Uruguay))

"The Start.up Germany Tour is the perfect place for a foreign startup to get introduced to all the specifics of the German market. In a "classic-German" timely and perfectly organized manner (thank you, IHK!), you will get the chance to meet people that can help your startup expand and grow. I highly recommend the Start.up! Germany Tour to all progressive startups aspiring to enter the German and European market" (Robert Ilijas, Identity Consortium Ltd (Croatia))

Start.up! Germany Tour 2019 (Munich)

"Honestly Chris, Gaby and Lucas showed us exactly why Germany is the country of quality and efficiency. I was part of the Startup Germany tour and every effort they made was to make our experience a top notch." Moustafa Moussa (Tour Participant, Startup, Saudi Arabia)

Participation Review

"IHK Munich organised a tremendous Start.up! Germany Tour for an international start-up delegation to Munich and the Bits& Pretzels. The success of this start-up mission was thanks to the IHK Munich's start-up unit dedication and networks.'"Jörg Uehlin (Tour Participant, GIZ)

"I was part of the Startup Germany Tour MUC. It was definitely an excellent experience. (...) We were able to make connections and find opportunities. All in all an amazing experience, much appreciated and grateful to everyone who made it possible. Thank you IHK team." Amal Almohanna, Zahra Almohanna (Tour Participants, Startup, Saudi Arabia)

"Christian, Gaby and Lucas did an amazing job in putting together a wonderful experience for me and my team from Ghana in Munich. They are the best!" Samuel Opoku (Tour Participant, AHK Ghana)

Start.up! Germany Tour 2018 (NRW)

“The program had a lot of networking opportunities (which were pleasant even for those who don’t like networking) and it opened a lot of doors for us. I was surprised by the diversity of nations participating the program. As a result of a pitch at the Tenglemann campus I spent 3 months at Starbuzz - a logistics and retail acceleration program in Mülheim. Its main benefit is that it opens doors to big companies from the region. It helped me a lot to gather more details about the market potential and needs and determine ways of entering the German market. Also, I have met a lot of great mentors and others while I was there.” (Jakub Eliás, Shipvio)

"I am very glad, that I joined the Start.up! Germany trip last year. It gave me a very interesting insight in the German market and I had the chance to meet different German companies - large corporations as well as hidden champions. The exchange with the startups from all over the world gave me new insights and further knowledge. For Shoplitics the trip was very successful and we met new clients and partners in Germany. I can recommend this trip for any Chinese startup to participate.” (Monica Xu, Co-Founder Shoplitics International Co., Ltd.)

"I picked many things that I can bring to Kenya, so many ideas that can be replicated here. We met potential partners from around the world, potential investors for our innovation and many new friends. This was a trip of a life time to me, it will stay with me forever, it marked a new era of innovation in my own life and an understanding of globalization." (Peter Mwangi, Mega Gas)